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Traditional Craft and Conservation

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Despite the fact that the world and society today have come far in terms of knowledge. technology, and innovations, in particular the emergence of a digital society, the foundation of civilization and development which is still passed on and embedded in society is the local art and wisdom which truly reflects Thai identity and lifestyles. Moreover, social, religious and economic changes have been conveyed through the works of art which express cultural prominence and civilization of life and society. Traditional Thai culture and lifestyles are also reflected in the form of handicrafts, utensils, and decorations which is use in the daily life. Currently, arts and crafts, represent untapped economic potential, and contribute to creative and cultural economy which is a source of structural economic transformation, socio-economic progress, job creation and innovation. Having realize the contribution of professionals in this field, TPQI has developed occupational standards for the conservation of cultural heritage for future generations in a sustainable manner.


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