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Human Resource Management (HRM)

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Human Resource Management is critical to the success of every organization. Human capital is the lifeblood and the most important resource of most organizations. Therefore, HR department, especially those organizations with large numbers of employees, must achieve this through strategies and policies that increase the effectiveness of employees.
Human resource professional needs to develop and unlock their full potential. Currently, human resources professionals are in government organizations, state enterprises, and private sectors. HRM is the strategic approach to the effective and efficient management of people in a company or organization such that they help their business gain a competitive advantage.
It concentrates on making the most of the human resources that are at the disposal of the organization and enhances the performance of employees to achieve the organization’s objectives. HRM aids the workforce of an organization to grow in their career, attain a good quality of life, and at the same time contribute to the progress and growth of the organization
Strategic Human Resource Management is evolving as a new approach to the management of people. The emergence of SHRM, which focuses on the integration of human resource practices and policies with business strategy to enhance organizational competitiveness, was a paradigm shift, The transition from the older HR practice with focus on staff matter to a subject of re-birth which focuses on linking people as organizational asset with the business strategy of the firm (Niehaus, 1995) means that the HR professional is performing a new and more challenging responsibility that requires new competencies and skills.
Therefore, the development of HRM occupational standards are important to define and set desirable competencies for this group of profession which is in line with international standards.

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