Professional Qualifications


     In the world of work,professionals not only need to use the knowledge, but also use skills and many proficiencies learning from real work experience and practice. Those who have or do not have education degrees in any field, totally have their potential to improve competence to work on various aspects. The knowledge, skills and ability to adapt to the occupation are called the Competency. For each career that consists of many different professions, each job needs to have several competencies to perform effectively.  For example, host and guest service profession of lodging and hotel industry is composed of several jobs such as front managers, receptionists, operators, bellboys, and so on.  Each job requires different competencies to perform competently.
     To recognize the essence and importance of
the manufacturing strategy and development of manpower,hailand Professional Qualification Institute is the primary agency responsible for developing professional qualifications as a mechanism to enhance the progress and productivity of manpower in the country. TPQI also  joined Industry groups and stakeholders to identify the competencies required to develop the industry called Professional Standards. This refers to determining the performance of individuals in the profession as well as certification of skills and expertise with the creation of standards to measure performance in order to guarantee "Qualification". It means a certificate of competency and skills of people working in accordance with their respective careers. The professional qualification will be a direct benefit for people,who do not have high educational backgroundbut have experience and expertise in their career.

     The Qualification system was developed with the main objective in order to certificate the  performance" of manpower by profession, meet the recipocation of business and industry.The qualification is the certification process for people recognized the knowledge, skills and abilities and get a "professional qualification" consistent with the competencies, experiences and knowledges.Moreover, they can use the professional qualification system to advance in their future's career.The "professional qualifications" can compare with other experts in the country.

1. Professional Qualification Framework

2. Classification of Occupations

3. Professional Standards
To compile the professional standards
To review and develop the professional standards

4. Organizations are responsible for ensuring individual performance by a professional.

5. The quality control professional qualification process


Certified organizations are responsible for ensuring individual performance by a professional.

- The certification organization that is responsible for certifying the individual performance by a professional

- The renewed the organization that is responsible for ensuring professional standards of performance people


Standard organizations are responsible for ensuring individual performance by a professional

- The applicant organization is responsible for ensuring  individual performance by a professional

- The guide and support organizations that are responsible for ensuring individual performance by a   professional


Standard performance evaluation by a professional person.

-Standards and conformity assessment procedures, performance or
-career. Registration process is the assessment by a professional person

- Qualifications of the individual assessment by a professional


6. Qualifications framework (PQF) links with the National Qualifications Framework (NQF).


7. Professional qualifications database and the information systems 




      Professional Qualification framework was invented as a criterion of professional qualification in accordance with the professional standards of performance. Each professional qualification framework's level will describe the rule of  knowledge and skills responsibilities earned from the performance and level of innovation which depends on difficulty of the particular work.The preliminary professional qualification framewor may be focused to be able to operate on the basis of operating.On the other hand, high-level qualification will be able to create new innovation,new ways to work or invent new technologies in their career.The criteria and  description of the professional qualifications framework is to describe the performance of responsibilities which earned from working. The difficulty level of functionality and unbiased innovation which is not specified in any profession. In order to raise professional qualification and manpower development to be effectively competitive in the ASEAN community and international community. The Professional Qualification framework is used as the main tool for assessing and certifying the performance of professional standards in order to meet the essence of business sectors and industry as well as a mechanism to link with comparable qualifications in the country and world.

     The Professional Qualification Framework will have the exposition used by professional performance or scope of operation in the profession for person served as the basis of the levels based on the results of the work depending on the desired output from the practice, the difficulty of the task, the complexity of the task and the extent the responsibility for the results of their work in order to assent the development of their own careers from the beginning to the highest level of professional work. By requiring a qualified professional performance called the professional qualification.