What is “Propin” ?

Propin is the application developed by TPQI to promote and support professionalism of workers and professionals which is guaranteed by TPQI, a leading workforce development agency which assess and certify competencies of an individual in accordance with the real needs of the industry in order to elevate professional qualification and compete internationally.

Those who pass the competency assessment will have greater career path, business expansion opportunities, chance to work abroad, gain trust, confidence, and recognition from customers.

Thus, Propin is another tool which TPQI uses digital technology to help drive the use of service from real professionals in an easy and convenient way. One only need to have a cell phone either IOS or Android to access services from professionals anywhere by using Propin which is beneficial to all stakeholders including professionals, user, entrepreneurs. Currently, there are more than 80,000 registered business owners.


What information is available in “Propin app” ?

Propin consists of database of name and number of professionals who has passed competency assessment and obtained certificate of professional qualifications and occupational standards. Data can be visualized according to professional sector, geographical area, and physical address. The data is also linked directly to LinkedIn, career matching platform which connects employer and potential candidate. It is needless to say that Propin is the ultimate solution for professionals who want wider recognition of their services and to consumers who want quality and reliable service from real professionals.


Why “Propin” ?

Propin app or propin that was created and developed by Thailand Professional Qualification Institute (Public Organization) (TPQI), which TPQI currently certifies people who have passed competency/performance assessments from all institutions of more than 800 professions. Besides, those who pass these assessments will be able to register in the Propin app to increase their own advertising channels.


Easy to use

The Propin app is designed to be easy to use and it can also be used in all channels, whether it's on iOS, Android via the Propin app or via the computer via the website. as well, which when we go to the homepage We'll see where there are professionals around us today. When we press in, we can see what profession they are in.

Not only Propin is easy, but the application can also search for a professional in detail. From professional fields, provinces, as well as being able to search deeper through the filters on the right as well.

For those who go to the store and find professional qualification certificate and then want to know whether the certificate is real or not, you can easily search the authenticity of the certificates from Propin as well.