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Rubber Products

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As the top producer and exporter of the world, rubber is an important economic plant of Thailand However, amid changing contexts such as rising labor costs and strong competition from industrial countries and transition economies, Thailand continues to become the world’s premier manufacturer and exporter of rubber products. The rubber industry of Thailand covers all upstream, midstream and downstream industries in the supply chain. Almost all upstream production in Thailand is consumed as inputs into domestic midstream industries by converting materials into semi-finished products, such as ribbed smoked sheets, rubber bearing, belts, other rubber products such as stationery, glue, and sports equipment. Downstream players are manufacturers of items such as automobile tires, concentrated latex such as gloves, , foam, and balloons whose price and quality levels varies.

Producing products to meet the needs of users is an important factor for the acceptance of the  products. To compete in this industry both domestically and internationally, the development of skilled professionals, technicians or operators is important for efficient and effective production in terms of costs and waste reduction.

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