Professional Qualification and Occupational Standards

Occupational Standards



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Biotechnology plays a key role to support the development of a country. Currently, many countries have conducted research and development in biotechnology which include medical technology and the transition from chemical-based industry to bio-based industry which produce products that are environmentally friendly and energy efficient. Under the Biotechnology Development Policy Framework, , the goal is to accelerate the development of biotechnology capabilities which include increasing the number of bio-businesses, stimulating developments in R&D, and developing  new products and services. On the community side, biotechnology is used to produce fermented food and bio-fertilizer and to breed native/rare plants.
Such developments will not only support the country’s competitiveness in years ahead, but  also improve the economic and social conditions of the populations Therefore, the development of biotechnology personnel should be promoted and there should be sufficient certification standards for personnel in this field. This will encourage the use of technology for developing the country to its full potential and the ability  to cope with new challenges.

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