Professional Qualification and Occupational Standards

Occupational Standards


Education, research and language service

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Education is an important tool for developing knowledge, perceptions, behaviors, attitudes, values ​​and morals of a person to be a good, quality, and efficient citizen. Educational services should give importance and support to such matters, whether in the form of counseling, advice and planning education for learners. These require planning and preparation by assessing the needs and demand of entrepreneurs and the labor market.

The development of occupational standards and professional qualifications will define the skills, knowledge, and abilities which are required by a particular profession and is in line with internally accepted standards. For entrepreneur, on-the-job training is required to develop the skills and competencies of the workforce which match with the real needs of the business. In the part of educational institutions, education administrators need to ensure that institutions such as universities run smoothly by managing administrative, financial and support systems in accordance with standards.

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